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Teeth Whitening

Your appearance can affect you both personally and professionally. Did you know that studies show people who smile with confidence are viewed as warm, inviting, and beautiful? Now, with professional teeth whitening systems, we can help you achieve a smile that will make a big impact on your self-confidence and youthful vitality.

Did You Know?

Chemicals in foods, beverages, and tobacco can change the color of your teeth, as can the effects of aging. Medications such as tetracycline, excessive fluoride, and previous dental work may also cause unsightly stains on your tooth enamel.

At-Home Whitening

We can create clear, customized bleaching trays for you to whiten at home. The professional-grade at-home teeth whitening solution usually contains 10 percent carbamide peroxide. Simply pour the solution into your custom mouth trays and wear them as directed each day. You will notice whiter teeth almost immediately, but the most dramatic results will appear after one to two weeks of daily treatments.

Let us share our dental expertise with you! We can't wait to discuss your ideal smile, so call today to schedule your cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. John R. Montgomery. Located near beautiful Lake Conroe, Montgomery Dental Center has provided patients from Montgomery, Conroe, Willis, Magnolia, and surrounding areas with stunning cosmetic results.

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