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Common Questions

Why do your dentists recommend dental implants?

Although you hope your teeth last a lifetime, sometimes that doesn’t happen. Disease, decay, or injury could leave you in need of tooth replacement options. Dental implants have emerged as the solution of choice because they’re permanent, highly functional, aesthetically appealing, and provide numerous flexible replacement options. Dental implants can anchor a single crown for individual tooth replacement, or for larger cases, a bridge or denture can be employed and held in place by several implants. We believe patients deserve the restoration that promises the best chance of success and improved health.

How can dental care fit into my budget?

We know you value your health, your time, and your money. That’s why we’ve made paying for your treatment at Montgomery Dental Center simple, flexible, and affordable. We’ll file insurance on your behalf and work to maximize your benefits. If you’d like a convenient payment plan for your portion of the bill, we offer CareCredit patient financing. This third-party company is well-known for providing low or no-interest plans that can fit any budget. Contact our Montgomery, TX dental practice for more information about your payment and financing options.

What sets Montgomery Dental Center apart from other dental offices?

We appreciate the fact that you’re considering us in your search for a family dentistry home. There are so many options available that it can be hard to sort out the difference between one practice and another! While we can’t speak for other dental practices, we can tell you with confidence what makes us special: we truly care. Dr. Montgomery and our team members aspire to develop long relationships with our patients and their families. We want you to have the best oral health information, the most conservative options during treatment planning, and the latest reliable techniques during dental procedures. We also invest the time to listen and learn about your concerns. Our patients trust us because we’ve proven that their health and well-being is our highest priority.

Visiting the dentist makes me very nervous. Is there anything you can do to help me relax?

Certainly. Our well-appointed office offers a soothing and comfortable environment to all of our patients. When you meet with our dentists or staff members, their gentle chairside manner will put you at ease, and we’ll be sure to discuss all aspects of treatment so you understand what your visit will entail.

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